Aug 29, 2008

Today went to Monarto Zoo for a tour.
Attacked by birds. Literally.
Got some souviners for FCD085-1, but just a small token. Nothing much.
Hopefully they dont mind.

Today's the last day at Aussie.
Getting on a plane tomorrow.
Was finding nauggets for chichi and Yohji awhile ago.

Updates when I get back.

Aug 18, 2008

Australia 1

Currently in Australia now. Weather is really cold.
Everywhere I walk even in the house is like being in a refrigerator.
Today's the second day I'm at Aus and I'm going out for mum mum ~
First day when I got here, I was down with soar throat and flu.
Issshh !! How can that be ??
There's so many things to eat !! Arghh !!
Get well soon !!!

Aug 13, 2008

3rd Charcoal
At least I'm improving. I guess.
M'sian Studies exam is tomorrow.
Last but not least...
2 more days !!

Aug 12, 2008


3 more days !!!

Aug 6, 2008

Friendship is not made from glasses of broken tears but tons of laughter.
Friendship is not meant to be fragile but everlasting.
Friendship is not to be forgotten but always caring.
Friendship is what that brings us together not break us with disappointment.

Now I see that people can make it so easy to build a friendship and just let it go just like that.
Friendship is not to be ignored or even pushed aside.
It is not to just let go and forget everything.
When there is a problem it is suppose to be fixed.
Not escape and run away from it. Give up ?
If that's the only thing in your mind, then I hope you'll have a easy time finding a friend who will walk with you, holding your hand no matter what.
I'm really sad and disappointed.
Ahaha ~
It's Wednesday and soon a few more hours it'll be Thursday then Friday ~
Saturday and Sunday flies !!
And then Monday also flies so does Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday !!!
YAY ~~
HoliDAY ~~~


YipeE yai yai Yipee yiPeE Yai~~

Aug 5, 2008

Escape from death. Literally.

Mrs and I escaped death of 5 sec.
Thank God.

Aug 4, 2008

Easier management

Short hair can be so cooling.
But I do miss my long hair, still.
It's just time to change.
After having the same long hair for YEARS.
And the weather here is getting hotter and hotter.

Happy Birthday William =D