Oct 20, 2008

Ooh yesh !! The line's back on track !!
It's been pouring real heavy this few days, especially night time.
As usual, I went back to House on Saturday and didn't touch the comp.
Came back on Sunday night and great ! The line's super duper slow.
It's so so so slow till it's unable to connect. I was like
"Crap !! I've got LiWen's work I've not done and also HOA&D I've not researched for !!"
Arghh !!
I'm dead meat.
Anyway, Mrs been asking me to go for this course and that course. I'm still thinking about what to take if I don't make it. I might go into the same course but maybe different college ?
Or maybe not cause I still think that I'm no good in creativity.
Anyway, it's still a few more weeks left till I actually need to decide.
Today's another day with a boring start -.-

Oct 18, 2008


Basically I told Mrs about my plan for this sem.
Well, I thought that she would make a big fuss cause of the cash she dropped for me.
But she told me to do what I think is best for me. So...
It all depends on this sem. =)
Anyway, nothing much to update about me now.
Just stress and assignments. There's no rest as usual. Unless I wana break my own no sleep record XD
But overall, I'm trying harder. But if improvements does not show, I've got nothing left to do but proceed with what I plan.
Anyway hope everyone do their best !!
Persevere !!

Oct 17, 2008

Argh ! Joannaaa !!

1. At what age do you wish to married?
-I don't think I'll be getting married.

2. Study hard or play hard?
-Study hard then play hard XD

3. Who is the person u trust the most?
-The silent listener.

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
-Never had never will.

5. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?
-Raining happiness and shining world peace.

6. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
-I had a crush on Aladdin. XD Basically any that's cute.

7.How much you wish to earn in the future?
-Earn till I can burn it to get warmth ?

8. What is your goal this year?
-Pass my foundation year.

9. Do you believe in eternity love?
-Never been in one. No comments =X

10. If you have all the time and money in the world, what would you do?
-Accomplish Mrs's dreams next...Charity !!!!!

11.. When will you feel sad?
-Everyday at a moment.

12. Balloons or Candy?
-Balloons. Maybe candy... argh !! Don't know...

13. What feelings you hate the most?

14. What is your childhood ambition?
-Being a teenager.

15. Do you believe in love at first sight?
-No. Love those you know.

16. What do you want now?
-World peace.

17. Who do you hope to be always behind you, supporting you?
-Everyone and The invisible supporter.

18. People who are going to be hated by you?
-Those who hurt others.

19. What is on your mind right now?
-I want world peace !! (and a diet.)

20. Do you deserve to be loved?
-By the close ones, Yes. Others, No.

21. Do you wish to have more than 24 hours per day?
-Yes !! So I can finish my assignments properly and still have time to SLEEP !!!

8 things you are passionate about:
1. World peace.
2. Happiness.
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Shopping
6. Music
7. Movies
8. Dreaming

8 things i say/type too often:
1. Haha
2. LoL
3. Damn
4. Argh !!
5. Sighs...
6. Die lo...
7. aa ?
8. asfgfdhzjj (frustration.)

8 books i have read recently:
1. Design
3. Design
4. Seventeen (it's a type of book okay....)
5 -

8 songs i could hear over and over again:
1. Jay Chou's
2. Leona Lewis- Better in Time
3. Leo Sayer- More than words
4. Bee Gees- How deep is your love
5. The Carpenters- Yesterday Once More
6. The Carpenters- Please Mr Postman
7. Colby Odonis- What you've got
8. Vanessa Williams- Save the best for last

8 things i regret most:
1. I
3. Most
4. Of
5. The

8 people that i tag..
8. Everyone that reads this

Oct 15, 2008


Today's just another typical Wednesday at college.
I just bought a clothe from PlusFabulous which I adore so so much now.
It rain's like there's no sunshine.
The thunder roars like there's no tomorrow.
The lightening shines like there's no other glow.
It was like a disaster as I try to sleep through the night yesterday.
The rumbling thunder makes the roof sound like it's gonna blow off.
Everything seems like an earthquake happening. Maybe even worst. The rain was so heavy it seems like there's gona be a flood soon.
Anyway, eventually I slept through the stormy weather. And next thing I know is that it's already 8 in the morning !
Well I've got design class today and my assignment was like crap. I went to college early to meet up Shikin to get the clothes I bought. Then it was design time.
I did not get "banned" totally for my assignment and the final project idea by LiWen.
Yeah !!~
And the better news is that...
I got only 2.69 for my CGPA.
That really only means death for me. But actually it means that I must freaking damn work harder than everyone else.
I feel like quitting after all these heart breaking results that I get.
But I WONT !!
Cause I'm not a quitter !! [and parents paid quite a sum of money]
Argh !!!
I must draw better !! See better !! Think harder !! Do faster !! Be stronger !! Stay focus !!
Did I mention that I acctually have mood swings ?
I'm currently very emo.... Super duper down.
I'm so emo that I feel like crying but seems like there's no tears for me to cry.
I'm so sad that I feel annoyed by the sadness in my heart.
I feel so annoyed that I'm frustrated, "Why did I not do better ?"
Will there be a next time ? Will this time be better than last time ?
I don't think so. I guess I ain't in the right path...
No words can describe how dissapointed I am for myself. I pity myself for feeling that way.
Pity is such a strong word yet a weak word to describe how I feel about myself now.
I feel so aimless...
Aimless is the right word that comes out from my heart and my brain saying that aimless leads only to dead ends and no more.
Will I lose my interest just because if this silly block of bricks ? Will I even try to quit ?
I'm just being emo.
I couldn't even get near to that damn 3.
Ignore me.
Anyway, I've got my clothes... And I'm broke, with no flying rainbow as a gift.

A mosquito just flew across me... *PIAK* now it's dead... I pity it...
But at least I didn't miss.
I read an article a few days ago. It gave me a task.
To list down 5 negative things that happened in a day and change it all into positive thoughts.
Well, I've only got 1 thought...Work harder.
I'll be fine....soon.

I'm just being emo..feeling depressed...Ignore me...

Oct 9, 2008

那些快乐的日子, 和你哭和你笑, 和你好和你吵。
我不可以肯定, 如果再给我一次, 我的决定会是不同吗 ?
我不可以肯定, 我不会再伤害你, 不会再让你失望。
我的肯定, 是不肯定。
你不知道我的心想, 不知道我的烦恼, 不知道我的痛苦。
也不知道你的心想, 不知道你的烦恼…
可是你的痛苦… 只会加倍。
所以, 我无法让你知道, 真实。
你, 最竟好吗 ?
你还会想我吗 ?

Oct 6, 2008

Lol...something simple

Hope you had a great night with us all
Cause I definitely did ~!!

Thx chichi for taking care of me tonight. Haha~

Oct 5, 2008

Just went to see mr.Doc and he gave me
some magic pills.
He even said some magical words that made me think
"Wow, I guess I wouldn't die from hunger."

I'm missing ...


I can tell you that this really sucks. I'm having diarrhea and tummy ache for like 3 days already and it's not getting better !!
I just ate my very first real meal within these 3 days and I totally regret it.
My tummy aches more.
WTH ??
I've got assignments to do and I just don't have the freaking mood to damn do it.
I've got no freaking mood to do anything except sleep.
I've got class tomorrow and I can't afford to damn freaking miss a damn freaking class.
WTH ??
I'm pissed.
Just get well would you ??????

Pweety pweety pweese ??

Oct 4, 2008

Ignore this

I think I'm gona die 0.o
I've had a few bites of fruits, 2 slices of bread within the 48 hours.
I can hardly eat damnit. I love to eat !!
But moreover I love soup better ~
Mrs boiled some soup and brought it over for me with herbal tea for me aching tummy ~
Yumm yumm ~
But my tummy wouldn't let me finish it... I just had a tiny cup of it and that's all I can have.
I hate this tummy.
I can hardly walk straight and walk up the stairs. My body was like "whoah... chill girl"
I'm sick of facing the computer doing nothing. Moreover I'm sick of assignments. I've not even touch any yet except illus.
I just went and look back at some random ppl's blogs that I used to catch up with and I noticed...
Well basically that time they were like couples and they were oceans apart later on and now broken up.
Does it make sense ? I think it does. My point is, even though miles apart ppl say they love, but sometimes love isn't enough.
Problems do accure and loneliness happens.
But when things start to tumble is when there is another.
Basically I looked up at 2 blogs and both of them had broked up and got with another.
As in 2 diff couples both also broked up and well 1 sided of the 2 couples went for another.
Get it ?
Ok it's like
2 different couples.
Broke up.
A - a
B - b
And 1 sided went for another.
A - Z
b - G
It's that simple.
I basically think that long distance will never work. Even if they do, when they finally get back together after that long period, will things be the same ? Will feelings still remain and grow stronger or it just won't and fade away ?
It's a wonder how feelings works. When ppl gets lonely, they often turn to the ones beside them and ends up being with them.
It's a wonder how feelings works when after going through ups and downs of a few years and could just go for another.
It's something that can't be explained. Ok not to talk about distance, even the ones that are always together could just go for another. Ain't I right ?
Love was something priceless and now it's something useless.
Where did the true love went ? I guess it's hard to find one.
On the other hand, if there's no another, how would ppl know who's the best ?
If there's no break ups, how would you know he/she IS the one ?
It is true that you gain from losing. Well over life is filled with irony.
Anyway, while I was blogging this random post I thought of a certain someone who said that my post are short posts.
And basically I was trying to blog a little longer than I usually do. And this is the one I guess.
Did you notice I was trying to pull my blog as long as I could with those random stuffs that I could just skipped without even mentioning ? Haha XD
Ok the fact is that I'm gona finish my soup, try to have dinner, finish the herbal tea, get some rest, start assignments and also get The Sims 2 macversion next month.
Oh wait, it is already next month XD
Kaching ~!!
I'll go to apple store and look for it. But The Sims 3 is coming soon !!
Oh wait, I guess I don't need to splash my cash on the cd cause I've got another PC beside me which apparently works perfectly with games !! I just need to go home get the cds and eventually play =)

If life was that simple. I need to remember how to damnit crack the game. Isshh.
But I could always Google it up.
Hmm... I guess life is simple XD

NOT !!'
Ok so let me think is there anything else I wana say...
Ok I know your thinking that I'm pulling my post but I'm not ! I'm really thinking.
*cross fingers*
Ok ok....
And here ends my post for now.
And for those who questions my post for being short, it is because...
I'm always blank. I do not like reading. I've got nothing to update on.
Hence, my life is darn dead BORING.
Take care =)

Oh wait, I do have somemore to say.
The true one might not always be the one beside =)
ps: I love Mrs's soup !!~
Life's ironic.

Oct 3, 2008

Illus vector

Hmmm....I'm starting to feel that my blog is a mess.
Ok today was just a normal day again. NOT !
I woke up with p-cramp, gastric cramp, diarrhea and headache.
And now I'm still having it. - the p-cramp.
Argh !!

I'm still a newbie ok...
It wasn't that hard to do it as I thought it would be during the comp lab that time. I took like 1 1/2 hours to finish both eyes for Jolin's
This time I took 4 hours to finish it all.
Well, as you can see it is not really productive since I did it fast.
Grrrr !!!
Why is mine so weird and others are so freaking nice ???
It doesn't even look like me at all.
It looks....fractured 0.o
Dang me.

Oct 2, 2008

It's not an insult.

It's not an insult ! It's just a reminder for me =3
See the board...their there XD

Though it's still empty...because I just got it ok
It'll be filled real soon. I promise.
Well, I think the lecturers will.

Oct 1, 2008

Well basically I'm having my "raya holiday" now...
Not really a holiday since it already have replacement classes for each "holiday" of ours.
Anyway, I've got nothing to say cause my life isn't as interesting as it seems. Well it doesn't even seem that way too.
I just know that I'm getting a really bad headache tonight and I'm not sleepy and well...
I receive loads of emails saying can't eat this can't eat that. Here not safe there not safe and stuffs.
And I began to think that well, life's really ruin.
I feel that nothing is fair nothing is perfect..
Take care =3