Sep 26, 2008

I'm freaking not asleep yet because of the freaking design assignment
and I'm freaking tired cause I've only slept for a freaking 3 hours within 24 hours
and today is another 24 hours that I won't have the freaking time to sleep
cause it's gona be 6 and I've not finish the freaking assignment yet
and I'm freaking pissed cause my freaking brain isn't working
and I'm freaking frustrated and freaking pissed
cause my freaking bed is just freaking behind me
and my freaking useless brain isn't freaking thinking about the freaking assignment
but the freaking bed
and that's freaking annoying me.

Sep 25, 2008

You might be wondering why did I wake up so early in the morning to blog.
Guess what...
I didn't !!
I've spend the whole night and morning doing that dang drawing assignment.
The Colour Wheel...
I wouldn't had stayed up and finished it if it weren't for Lian.
She was with me through the webcam. Haha ~!!
Anyway I'm damn sleepy right now. And I need to wake up at 7am to get ready for class.
And I'll be doing my figure assignment again after class... Which I guess another late night work ?
Anyway thanks to Lian for keeping me going on the assignment ^^

Morning !!

Z z z ....

I've got blue paint on my hair. Kinda funny story for me. But I'm just being silly. =)

Sep 24, 2008

My Benko ~

Well basically I was watching Charlieissocoollike vblog and well NDSL came up.
I missed my NDSL and so I went to search for it.
To my horror.... I couldn't find it !! I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG !!
But hey, chill girl... I don't really lose things in the room. So i was looking for it up and down...
Left and right... In and out... Pulling and pushing... Picking and dropping.
Well basically I knew where did I left it. But I couldn't find it.
I totally start to panic because I used MY savings to actually buy it.
RM700++ .... Darn.
But I think I was blinded by love. (or something...)
When I look once more at the spot where I remembered I left it there...
It IS there. Swt ?
Ok now I've found it, I need to get a charger. This time, I can't remember where the heck I left it.
So much for the "I don't really lose things in the room"...

Sep 23, 2008

For Kitty

Another random illus.
This is for Kitty.
Though still newbie and its not perfect yet...
Hope u like it doink =)
Hope Onion doesn't eat it.

I guess I am sorta into illus =)
Still a newbie though...

Sep 22, 2008


Haha basically I've got tagged by Yuki and I didn't even noticed it until just -.-
So here it goes...

The last person to tag you is?
- Yuki-chan -.-''

What relationship of you with him/her?
- Classmate =)

Your 5 impression towards him/her?
- Cute, kawaii, cute, kawaii, short. Ok la maybe kind is better XD

The most memorable thing he/she has done to you.
- I'm not sure. Helping me out I guess =)

The most memorable words that he/she has say to you.
- Manchi...

If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
- Feel sad to lose a friend.

The most desirable things to do for he/she is...
- Make her more ganas. XD

The overall impression to he/her is..
- soft.

How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
- Annoying ? I don't know. I'm not them.

The character for you yourself is?
- I can be anything anytime.. it's all about the mood swing.

On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- Mood swing.

The most ideal person you want to be is?
- No one but myself.

For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
- Thank you I adore you !!

Ten people to tag:

- 1.The one who reads this
- 2. The one who reads this
- 3. The one who reads this
- 4. The one who reads this
- 5. The one who reads this
- 6. The one who reads this
- 7. The one who reads this
- 8. The one who reads this
- 9. The one who reads this
- 10. The one who reads my blog

Who is number 2 having relationship with?
- Err... I'll tell when I know.

Is number 3 a female or a male?
-Yo !! No3 "The one who reads this". Are u a dude or what ?

If number 7 and 10 be together would it be a good thing?
- I guess so if they like. 17 isn't such a bad number ^^

How about number 5 and 8?
- That's kinda far away...

What is number 1 studying about?
- I guess it would be this tag for now. As in now Now.

When was the last time you had a chat with them?
- Well....depends.

Is number 4 a single?

- Er... privacy ?
Well basically I was sorta addicted in creating silly easy stuffs on illustrator since my 1st illustrator assignment was given.
I took a few minutes in the computer lab way before the lecturer came in to just randomly draw.
Most of the image are actually from the application's symbol tool.

I should had used it for my assignment but I totally forgot about it.
Anyway, after learning more of illustrator, I felt that my mind was going to explode.
Too much info for my tiny brain I guess. Isshh...
But overall I'm still able to hang on.
Gambateh Ann...
Gambateh everryone !!

Sep 18, 2008

AAAAAhhHH ~~!!
We were talking about designs and stuff and suddenly Lin talked about TokiDoki...
I want the bAgGG !!!
Too bad M'sia don't have a TokiDoki store. Just LeSportsac...
I want TokiDoki bag !!! I want that bag !!!
DaNG !!!!

And I saw that there's a store at Glenelg that sells TokiDoki stuffs !! AHHHHH !!!
Just when I'm here and its there !!

Nitenite.... Z z z...


Sep 17, 2008

My so call "superhero" character for assignment 1, Design class.
Basically we all have to randomly pick some unknown items from the plastic cup that our lecturer gave...
Well, once I open that 2 pieces of paper, I got masking tape and lips.
We're suppose to combine the 2 items together to make a character outa it.
So here it is...
No comments...'Bleahhh'

Power : Lips - Hypnotized male target.
- Paralyze female target.

Lips gadget - Take over/remove targets power. [mimic power]

Masking tape - Swing 'transportation' and etc

Sep 15, 2008

Hi =)
I'm in the computer lab.

I'm not crapping. This is the update for now.
Yi Ling ask me to update =)
Happy ? =D

Sep 14, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival 08 =)

Wishing everyone,
Have a nice night
Have a safe night
Have a happy night
Have a sweet night

Sep 12, 2008

Australia 2

Some small part of the updates on Aussie trip =)

Monarto zoo

The never ending stroll...

Basically if I'm lost I'll just think positive =)

But I think she's happy that she's lost O.o ...

Sep 11, 2008

A perfect outing

Today was quite gloomy during the morning.
It was cloudy and I thought "It's gonna rain soon..."
But I still went to SP to meet up with Lilian and Lin.
And off we go !!
We played from 11.30am to 3.00pm.
By that time I was extremely since I did not take breakfast. We got a light feast of Hot&Roll because we decided to have SHOGUN !~
We were walking around for time to past <6pm> to eat Shogun.
And NOW, I'm super FULL !!
Oh great outing !!

Btw, we all got sunburn =)

Sep 9, 2008

My first "illustrated" chicken.
It is a class activity for the first computer application class.
Well, I'm a beginner so it's acceptable =)
But it looks like it is done with Window's paint application -.-

Sep 7, 2008

It's the last day of the 3 weeks holiday.
Feeling sad that it ended so so fast.
But feeling anxious that there's new things to learn !
But yet, a lil down when there's MORE assignments !!