Jul 18, 2009

My all time most fav

I've just finish watching my all time most favourite movie - Titanic
It's the second time within this month cause SMV is showing it. So if the time is right, I'll be watching it over and over and over and over and over again.
Muahahaha !!
But I don't have to wait for the right time. Cause obviously, I've got the movie !
Can't get enough of Jack Dawson [LeoDicap] ~

Jul 15, 2009

My very first

My very first favourite/knew
-male singer, Michael Jackson
-female singer, Britney Spears
-chinese male singer, Jay Chou
-chinese female singer, S.H.E
-actor, Leonardo Dicaprio [Titanic]
-actress, Angelina Jolie
-chinese actor, Jet Li
-chinese actress, Charmaine Sheh

I grew up knowing MJ as my very first and only singer then. I grew up listening to his songs.
I noticed that and that's why his death still brings some tears to me. It's true, it's just too sudden.
I can't understand why does ppl still judge over a dead man's body ? What's wrong with these ppls ?
And MJ's father... Haven he had enough ruining MJ's childhood and now moving to his childrens ? I just don't understand. Is fame that important to him ?
And the molestation case was final so so long ago proving that MJ did NOT do it. With the kid saying it himself. And anyway, it was just what the kid said. Who could have proved that what incident happened ? Though the kids siblings were there, but hey, their siblings, obviously they stand by each others.
So what if MJ's lifestyle is weird being a kid ? He did not hurt anyone.
Argh too many things to say, but it's all useless.
All I can say from my point of view, no matter you agree or not whether I'm wrong or right, is that he cared.
This just taught me a lesson that in life, there will definitely be stories behind a story.
And those who don't know, will never understand/know. And those who know doesn't mean they'll speak the truth.
Life is short and filled with obstacles.
*R.I.P MJ- I pray that your children will not go through what you did*
Yesterday I watched Titanic again. My all time forever most favor movie. I think I've watched it more than 20 times since it was launch !
And I can remember from front to back and then back to front. But I still tears everytime I watch it.
Even I know what's gona happen next. Knowing what's gona happen didn't help but made me tear up earlier than the scene *swt*
This few days I've been really emo. Don't know why. Is it because of MJ ? Or because it's been raining ?
Or because my freaking pimples just wont go away !!

Jul 2, 2009

Recently I've taken up a sewing class. And I started sewing by myself.
I did 3 pieces of really really simple clothings. Seriously, it's simple.
I've made another blog for the clothes as a collection of my handmade clothings ^^
Hopefully it won't koyak when I wash it or when I'm wearing it during an outing 0_o
I had a slight fever the day before yesterday and slight still yesterday. Was really nervous bout it.
Since the H1N1 thingie, having to be sick is like a crime ! I can be quarantine any moment. May involve other ppl that came in contact with me too !
ArgH !???
My body is really super duper extremely heat-ty due to the changes of the weather and my hormone changes ??
My pimples are getting worst than previous. OMG !! Seriously its so so soooo serious now.
Dont even wana look myself at the mirror.

Did I mention that when I woke up today, my eye felt swallon ? It definitely felt swallon on one eye because everytime I blink, I feel the swallon, and also the pain at that part.
But when I touch that area, there's nothing there ! Inner injury ? I suppose.

ps: Sam: Get well soon. It's a crime to get sick now. Don't wana go sg.buloh to see you...=)