Nov 27, 2008

It's been really hectic this few days... Maybe even weeks due to the final projects and presentations.
It's normal since it's the end of the sem. Well I've got my worries still.
And also IELTS exam.
I'm so tired right now I can seriously drop dead on my bed with my soaking hair.
But I need to do my design mock up. I need to present it to Meng on Saturday.
Which actually makes it like a day or so to do it. Plus, I've got class tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Lin~!!

Nov 21, 2008

Well, basically this are some works Of mine during the past few weeks. Since I've got nothing to post up... I'll just nave to show you my works which are the paintings I did in class. well I have to say... I'm not a good painter at all.
Today, (Thursday) Was another painting class. But today's special from the ordinary because we've got quiet a harsh lecture from the lecturer. Well I guess we did not do our best that's why... Basically after the lecture, we are given our very first HOME assignment I'm saying this is the very first, well technically second after the color wheel ...
We did not have any home assignment for this class because the still life is placed in class by the lecturers. So, I guess to improve our skills, we are given home assignments. This, is where the not so ordinary but yet ordinary thing/part to happen.
As usual, every lecturers would say so, that we are degree students... Arghh!!
We are required to do better, BE better. Well, for me, it's like most of my classmates actually had experiences with arts or even learned it before and also been exposed to it. well, nothing for Me.
I'm like a lost sheep... | start to really, really really wonder... why the heck did I choose to come in an art stream ? God...
All the thoughts really did hit me hard...This time I was not only sad and frustrated. But also angry . Angry with the 1 who pursued Me to damnit take the dang DEGREE Course even though I said that I seriously have no, none, Kosong exposure and experience towards arts. well, she says that every one is the damn same . Shit la...
Anyway, I was really mad that time . Plus, my work that I was working on, was totally ugly!! It made things worst... But after having my previous work back, my feelings and well, thoughts, changed. | was happy because this particular artwork Of mine, well, 1 totally had confident with it. Not to say I got a great grade. But, when I was painting it, I had a cheerful time. Maybe it's what I'm painting...
That's about it... what I'm trying to say is that at least, I'm improving .

C+ - B-



B- [The one I like the most =D]

Well, I'm improving in not dropping back to C grade. Hopefully I'll stay around B and slowly climb my way up to A... If there's still the chance of me going on =)
HOAND test is coming !
HOAND final project !
Design final project !
CompApp final project !
IELTS test !!!!
HELP !!!!

Nov 17, 2008

Aahh... After a few months of not hanging out and going to 1U...
I feel like it was back to the old days.
It was so much fun to have them all together chatting and hanging out.
But there is one fact that everyone noticed...
It's that everyone basically changed. In a way. Big or small, we did.
Well, for better or worst we're still friends and that's basically what I care.
Yesterday I went to 1U with Ivy and I bought a bag. Again. Still wished it was the tokidoki. Ahaha
Anyway, Ivy did a lot of shopping yesterday and the day before. I do mean quite a lot 0.o
Well my main point is that we saw ASIMO ~!
That cute adorable thing. Well I did not get close to it cause I basically saw it the day before and I did not take a clear pic of it. Anyway, it walks, it talks, it runs. It's ASIMO ~~!!

I'm really stressed up on my final projectS. I'm so worried that I can't do it because I don't know how to do it. I'm lacking of time, sleep and also cash.
Why on earth am I so lacking of things ? Geez.... I guess I really need to cut down my expanses now. First it will be the food. No more expansive meals. No useless drinks.
Blahh. Even if I cut down through the foods I'll still go over by buying college stuffs. Isshh...
Life's unfair.
Learn to live with it.

[Basically this whole post is just some random crap cause I've not update my blog like a million years and I've got nothing to update with. Skip this. Err... I guessed you've already read it all since your reading this. XD]

Nov 5, 2008

Words that aren't spoken,
Feelings that can't replace.
Time that passed,
Wished they stay.
Through time came feelings,
Through time feelings goes.
Many things that had been done,
Many deeds that should been done.
Unspoken words,
Unspoken feelings.

I miss you.

Nov 2, 2008

2nd sem field trip [31/10-1/11/08]

FCD085-1 had an overnight filed trip to a architecture place called Juteras in Subang with the 2nd class.
It was a totally long day. We took off from coll around 9.45am or so and reached our destination about 10.20am ? I'm just guessing cause I didn't really looked at the time.
When we reached, we went to the show room to put our things down and went to the "Airplane" area to meet up. Showed us around and then Meng, Candice and LiWen told us about what our project is. Then they split us into 7 groups. After splitting the boys up, it was the girls turn. I got no 1 which means group 1. Lian was smart enough to sit away from me and so she got herself into the same group with me~! WooHoo ~~!
Anyway later on we went around to look for the materials and stuffs and think about our design and spot for it to be. Dadeedadada
And it was evening/night. We had our dinner, played 2 games.
1 was the untangling hand game which 10ppl or so in a group need to cross each others hand to hold. Not to hold the same ppl's or even the ppl beside. That goes for both hands but both hands must not hold the same person's hands. We got third out of the 4 groups.
Next was like a taboo game. Title was movies.
We all definitely had fun and after that we all went for a nice shower.
And the real fun begans. We played a short game of a card game and later was the "Dare or Dare" game. Well you guessed it. No choice but to just dare !
We played till 3 or so am and went to sleep.
Around 7am, we all got a sudden waking up session.
Meng and Candice were shouting and whistling and shouting us to go to the airplane. And out of shock and blurness, we all went there, ran 3 rounds, did some warm up and basketball.
After all that it was breakfast and time to work.
Group 1, which is my group, consists of Shurong, Lian, chichi, Preethi, Abdullah and me.
Our group name was Sho'Flow or something like that. Our theme for the sitting place, which is our project was flow. Well basically the whole time we've change the whole idea about 3-4 times and time was running out. We've only got till 4.30pm and the hammering and saw cutting was making our time fly real fast. By the time we've finished, I noticed we were the last to actually finish.
It can sustain weight !! Literally !! I'm proud of what we've done.
It's totally stable man ~~
Anyway, we did not win. Stezon's group which is group 3 i think, won. After that we all went and pack, waited for the bus and went home.
Well I really did had a really absolutely great fun even though with the cuts and burns.
But those are just tiny matters. What matters the most was the fun I had with them all ~~
Well that's all I've got to say. My arms and hands are sore literally. Hahaha XD
And what I disliked about the house line is that it's slow and DC's so often.