Apr 30, 2009

Yesterday night when I was fast asleep, around 12-1 am I heard my phone rang.
Don't know who kept calling me. I picked up after a few rings and heard a male's voice.
It was super noisy ! WtH ?
I hung up right away and later on another number called up again.
I was so frustrated that I silenced my phone.
Today I had my class and was almost late because I couldn't hear my phone ring due to its silence treatment I gave it.
Argh !!! What the heck is wrong with humans ????????????????

I'm just crapping. Really annoyed actually.

Apr 29, 2009

What are u doing to ur best friend ?

click----> FOR THOSE WHO CARE.

I honestly say that I'm really absolutely sad about this.... speechless...
Soul-less humans.

1. I hope I can do the same thing to their families as what they did.

2. I'll let their daughters be raped and give birth like a machine.
3. I'll put her in a tiny hole.
4. If the baby isn't normal I'll let the mother kill it herself by shooting it or even dumping it in the dumpster to crash.
5. I'll make sure she goes crazy like how they pushed the dogs to be.

6. I'll shoot down the males. I'll chase them and let them suck gas till they die and toss them like how they toss em'.
7. Mostly I'll kill those who purchase from all the millers since they also have no soul.
8. Those who get/buy puppies for their cute-ness and abandons them when their older/in their way/not suitable/annoyed shall bare with no childrens/family/friends till the day they R.I.Hell
9. Those who think this is a joke shall meet the dumpster crash.
10. Iressponsible pet owners, puppy millers, shall receive the same treatment as they did.
11. I'll shoot their legs, let them suck gas not till death then toss them into the dumpster truck without fully crushing then I'll chop off their testicles and feed it to themselves.

Soul-less people have no feelings no emotions. So why should they care bout what happens to them or their families ?

Humans are not meant to live here. Soul-less humans are never meant to live !

Yes this is a curse for us humans.

Apr 25, 2009


Sometimes while doing my chores, I feel that my life is so lame.
Sometimes when talking to my friends, I feel that I'm so lame.
Sometimes when telling a joke, I feel that it is lame.
But all this lame-ness of mine doesn't add up to Karmen's lame quote.

"Are we still friends with her ?"


Went to ss2 Yipee Cup with Karmen and Jo to chit chat yum cha have dinner.
Went to fetch Jo at 7pm then on the way there was like.... JAM.
Then nearly reaching to ss2, Karmen sms saying she's leaving now.
But then I sorta got lost around ss2 finding Yipee haha. Cause I tend to get lost there -.-
Anyway, she got there earlier than us -.- LolXx...
We talked and laughed till our stomach cramp and cheeks hurt !
Later we started to talk bout smoking due to the fact that they did smoke. One smokes and one smoked. And me, being curious and a virgin for cigarettes, tempted to get a tiny puff.
Trying only ok.... But was really in dilemma cause I scare I'll die due to that tiny lil puff.
But then we went to find for shops to get a pack but seems like all closed at 10pm. Oh well =)
Said tata to Karmen and went back to Jo's place.
Outside. Again.
Talked and talked and talked.
Really enjoy having conversation with her =)
Then I met Jacky/Jackie. Similiar to MomoChi but older and bigger and maybe.... bigger ? XD
They're like brothers and sisters. Same also like to pee here pee there. Garang betul when there's strangers.
And know how to act to get Oscar award. Thumbs up for them XD
Around 11.10pm said tata to Jo and went home.
Going for an outing/gathering again soon. Really enjoyed all the chats and hanging out together althought we just crap.

Apr 21, 2009


I wasn't feeling good these days. Well because I had 7 ulsers.
SEVEN ulsers in ma mouth !! WTH ?
It later became four because a few of them combined. It turned out to be really huge.
Oh....the freaking pain. I couldn't speak cause I couldn't really move my mouth due to the pains.
I couldn't really eat too. I tried putting the salt. GoD !! How painful, you can't imagine the size of my ulser with the salt !
Then I gargle with salt water. MaN !!!! Urghhhh !!!!
Later the next day which was yesterday, one of my ulser which is right infront of the lip part, had psst. Urgh... the pain and horror. The fact that it looks so wounded and gross made my appetite and mood disappear but the pain yet remains.
Urgh finally Mrs went to the herbalist and bought me medicine.
Althought it still hurts today, but the pain is lesser. More bareable.
Urgh... my life is revolving in pain.

Apr 10, 2009

It's not us. It's you.

Went to PM with Jo and Joyce yesterday.
I went and fetch Jo and we started talking bout the recent happenings.
And she told me that "someone" sorta dislike/hate me.
Hahaahaa for some minor, tiny, mini and most of all nothing wrong reason. Just because of that- angry/hate/dislike me.
I was really pissed when Jo told me that cause before that I already had in mind that the person was angry at me but I didn't really care cause I've done NOTHING WRONG.
So Jo told me yesterday what happened and I was actually freaking mad and pissed.
And dadada-cut short.
We met up with Joyce and something happened and I was kinda emotionless cause I've got no positive emotion to show. But it was just a few min.
We ate our dinner at Kayu and started/continue our conversation. There's so many things that actually happened due to someone and it all can be prevented from happening. But....
What to do ? We all make mistakes and we all believe in wrong things and so does trusting in the wrong person. Wtv man... Wtv.
Haha then around 10pm we left PM and I fetched Joyce home. Then Jo.
We talked in the car outside of her house for an hour I guess. We talked about the past and the present.
That was really fun to me. We should do that more often haha ! We should stay over some places and bullshit the whole night and day ! WooHoo ~
It was really nice to talk to my secondary friends again. Catching up and stuffs. Really missed them much much much... (well...not all la. u guys know who u are la)
Planning to go to Genting together during Karmen's sem break which is end of April. I think.
Hopefully those are "invited" can go. Or should I say MUST go ! Reunion guys !!
Anyway. After the chat with Jo in the car, I went and fetch Durian then went home. In the mean time, I was thinking bout all the happening and stuffs and I was getting more pissed !
Then I totally bullshit the stuffs to Durian and she felt the same way as I do. No reason to continue or be involved in that relationship anymore.
Today I woke up. And I thought back again. And I don't feel anything bout it anymore because as I said I don't need a rotten relationship.

I'm playing Pet Society everyday and now, thanks to Jo and my curiosity, I'm playing Restaurant City too.

ps: if it's our fault, we will be losing A friend. but look who's losing friendS.

Apr 7, 2009

Qing Ming

It's been a really long time since I last updated my blog. It's totally dead. Same as my life. Bla
Anyway, today me and family went on a journey to visit the families deceased.
This is my first time doing all the "Qing Ming" cleaning and all. And my first time was a very tired time. Not that I've got low stamina. But the fact is that we went to 5 places. Which means 5 peoples loo...
Starting from my great, great grandparents all the way to my grandpa.
There's maintainance for my grandpa's cemetery but the others were totally abandoned. I'm sure that none of Mr's so called siblings knows about the places to go. Well, it was kinda spooky due to LOADS of huge blood suckers. Brrrr....~
Well that's all on my so call updates. Really, I've got nothing much to do now. Only cleaning the house, watching my dogs, "occasionally" being a driver, eating and sleeping.
Hmm.... I might take up fashion designing since I like clothings. Hah !~