Feb 27, 2009

Rainy times makes me feel so gloomy and always brings a sad feeling with it.
Mostly during rainy nights.
Well Kitty's going back soon in about...10 hours or so.
Time seems to pass by so quickly. For a moment ago, I felt that it was just starting. Yet I can't really remember what happened for the time that has passed.
Safe trip Kitty^^

Feb 25, 2009

I really regret in going into TOA.
WTF ? Such blood sucker and so irresponsible.

Feb 18, 2009

My heart aches to see my friends for their restless days and sleepless nights.
Others might not know and think so, cause they might think that's what college is about.
But I've been there and I dare to say I totally know how it feels like.
Seeing their panda eyes, hearing their rumbling and tumbling bout assignments. ='(
But I'm sure they can totally do it. Cheers guys ! =D

Feb 17, 2009

Shit ass blood sucker. I'm half way free idiot. Bloody to them I'm stuck here nor there.
What kinda damn rule is that. I know they just wana suck all the penny outa.

Feb 15, 2009


It's gona be Monday again in approximately 2 hours or so.
Sighs. Monday is never my day.
Same goes to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Seems like things aren't going as what I thougt it would be.
What am I to do ?...

Feb 14, 2009

Valentine my Restless time

I've not updated my blog like a gazilion years.
It's because I've got nothing much happening in my life. I'm basically just having a darn dead life.
Well, Kitty's been back for a week or so. We've not really done anything much so far. Except going to Sunway Pyramid, getting Strawberry IceCeams, having Durian overnight...
It's the big V day.
For those who's celebrating, definitely a Happy V.Day for u ^^
For those who are not [like me T_T] haha....
Happy everyday !! [I guess]
I can imagine what did some of my friends did for their halfs. Art students are definitely artistic.
And their very loving too.
Makes me wished I have a half too. Haha
So basically what I'm going to do for the following days until I actually update my lifeless life is...
Hanging out... Sleeping... Eating... Sleeping... Hanging out... Shopping... Online... Sleeping...
I definitely feel so lifeless now. Since I've got nothing to do even if I'm online.
Hmm... You must be wondering why don't I go and do something eh ?
Well it's because I just wana rest for now. My brain juice is still lacking and I need to chill and think some stuffs. Like.......... stuffs ? XD
Ok I don't understand why that some ppls blog could always sound like a blog whereas mine is more like a rambling and crapping.
Gosh. I think I need to read some books. I actually HATE reading. But I really need to read I guess.
To correct my grammar and of course to learn more words ?
Oh man...what am I talking ?

Feb 4, 2009

For those who wants to get the LG KF350 Ice Cream phone...
First of all, it's functions are useless.
Second of all, it's just sits to look pretty.
Last but not least, I DON'T CARE ~~

I LoVe it =)

ps: byebye SE...gona miss ya

Feb 3, 2009

Funniest day !!

Today, after class I rushed to S.P to meet up with Kitty. We went for a lil walk about and some small shopping.
Then got out and went to SS2.
Then after dinner at Ming Tian, we went to Niu Zhe Shui.
Went for a lil walk and again some small shopping.
Then it was time to leave.
We went out. Driving and driving for not more than 3mins. And.....
We ended up in NOWHERE !! OMGOMGOMGOMG !!
Then we paniced but we kept driving and later on we came to a toll -.-
We went through it and asked what toll is it.
"Subang Jaya"
Omg....so we kept going and suddenly I saw some shops that looked familiar. And I was like
"OMG ! This is the road to KLIA man !! WTH ??"
But luckly we spotted P.J road sign and followed it back.
Super funny cause it wasn't even a 5min drive and we ended up on the way to KLIA.
Muahaha !!
And this is the best part.
Kitty just got me a........


ps: sold the omnia d =)
don't ask me bout the phone. I'm lazy to explain.

Feb 2, 2009

I'm really hating assignments.
I'm really, definitely hating college.
I feel that I've totally lost most of my interest for arts.
I've got no mood to go to college, I've got no mood for assignments.
I feel that maybe arts not my thing after all.
I feel that I might drift away soon.
I feel like puking when I think of assignments.
I feel like dying when I think of classes.
I feel that if I can...
I just wanna stop.
I HATE......college....