Apr 17, 2010

There's pros and cons for everything. We can't really have everything perfect. We'll just have to accept facts.
Just like objects, if you like it, you'll learn to accept the cons of it. No matter you really accept it, or you're just fooling yourself to accept it. One thing for sure is, you'll still accept it no matter what way.
But aren't there just some things that you just can't accept ? No matter how hard you try, you still see that "con" more than the "pro".
There's just some things that we can never accept because..... that's how it is.
And no matter how you fool yourself to accept it, you'll still not like the cons.
It's just how life is. Either you truly accept it, or you don't.
NEVER try to fool yourself in accepting something you can never accept. In the end, it will just be hurts and wounds.
There's the big different from yes and no. Like and Dislike. Though it's just that one tiny line that differentiates it.
Just like cars. The car-car is a transportation. But a sports-car is a car for racing, speeding. Different, but their still cars.
Is there any different with male and females ? Duh. But their all humans.

You know what ? I've been rambling so much, I totally lost the point of what I'm rambling about.
Tata =)

Apr 14, 2010

An update

NAHHhhhhHH an update