Sep 26, 2009

Pink Miao Miao ~

Hohoho !
Look at THIS !
Awesome ! Ehhhh ~

Er.....nothing to update mah... So like that loh... Hor.... Ok la... Tata loo =)

Sep 14, 2009

Bad Cherries

So I've officially found out that basically milk and cheese has a lil to do with my acne popping like mad recently. Much worst then before.
I've started to take milk and cheese recently and noticed that the pimples are popping out like cherries.
I thought that it was just a normal "season"... But my "season" became worst !
So much more worst than I've ever had, that I started to think deep bout "What's wrong ?"
And I noticed that I've recently, ever since my acne started again, I've took in milk and cheese.
But in a bad amount la.. XD
So too much is always too bad I guess. For certain things.
And I know researches says that acne has nothing to do with cheese, milk and chocolate.
But it might, in an indirect way =) Everyone's different.
So I'll be quitting cheese and milk for now to see the truth about this myth.
Er.... basically I said that "officially found out" up there, but er...still not too sure bout it.
Stay tune ? XD

Sep 12, 2009

The Vampire Diaries

I'm loving it ! =)

Sep 6, 2009


Omg....I'm so depressed cause of my freaking acne-prone skin!
But it was so perfect few weeks ago.
No acne, redness reduce, scar fading....
And next few weeks later... ? Pimples popping here and there !!
I just dont understand ! What went wrong ??
My daily routine did not change and same goes for my diet.
What ? The pimple season came again ?
It's totally like a season of acne on my face. Few weeks with it and then it disappears a few weeks and few weeks later their back !
Oh mannnnn... what is this ==
Went for a small gathering yesterday to meet Voon since it's been like so so so so and I mean it, sooooooooooooo long !
Argh yesterday when we each left, I felt a sudden sadness ='(
Made me missed those days even more... Argh !
It's a season !