Apr 1, 2011

Music ♥

I must have music in my life ! MUST.
If I don't on the song player on my comp, I feel so moody and something's missing because it's so quiet.
Even when I'm in the car I'll on the radio. Well, unless there's some other in my car that drowns away the peace.
I tried to tune back the guitar to play, but I just couldn't tune it back and, I forgot the darn chords.
Loser pft. Am no talent in instruments and musics. But maybe in design ?
I still wonder if I'd not quit my college back then, where will I be now ?
But then, I'm not talented in creativity either la. Pft.
What to do, what to do. No talent, no interest, no decisions, no life.
Oh well, I watched Mamma Mia yesterday again. And I really missed out times for fun.
Traveling, trips, party, dancing, hanging out, enjoying life with mates, etc. It really hit me that I'll only be in the 20's for a while, and I'm missing out all the fun that I definitely won't be able to have later on in life.
It's like everyone just start thinking of college, job, cash. Where's all the fun ?! I mean, balance abit la...
Not gonna be forever young. As in physically forever young. My heart will be young forever ! If it's a healthy heart la.

Anyway, rambling and rambling just trying to make another post for the day.
Oh, I totally love musical movies. So much fun to watch. Hairspray ! Danced to it ! I love the 60's. Groovy ! Except the wars and anti-anti things la.
Guess that's about it ? Err...
Yeah that's it. Tata ~