Dec 31, 2008

Damnit. WTH ???

Ok this is gona sound like I'm just thinking too much but....
Yesterday I went and take my college results. And well, to my surprise...
I got a freaking D for History of Art and Design !
But that's not what that is surprising. The fact is that my whole class got either C or B for it and I'm the only one who got D. Bloody and it's like a group thing for this subject !
WTH ???
I'm thinking maybe I did get a D... But ?????............
I'm thinking maybe I should ask Stephen.... But....
If I really deserved a D.... it'll be so embarrassing to suddenly ask a question like that.
And the thing is, how do I even ask him about this ? I don't even know does he grade it by following the group essay and the presentation ?

Dec 20, 2008

We've made it through 2nd sem. Good job we did. Indeed, a good job done.
In fact, the family's increasing. =D

Pressie from ma Kitty

Well, I guess this is my 2008 Christmas and 2009 b'day present from Kitty.

Dec 16, 2008

Basically I've just gotten my assignments back from Meng with the results.
Hmmm... This sem wasn't as bad as I thought ! I at least, improved.
Quite happy that I actually did improve this time. And hopefully it also goes to my other subjects too. And my GPA also -.- if I must remind myself. And not forgetting IELTS too.
Hmmm... not bad for the start of my work path ^^
I guess...... 0.o

Sem Break !!

Oh yeah baby ~!!
It's the official 2nd semester break !! WooHoo~~
It's time to sleep and lepak and sleep and sleep and....sleep ? .....
Er.... not much of a plan for the break. Well, I'm still loving the break.
Cheers ~!!

Dec 11, 2008


I went out with Joanna, Ivy and Joyce and her bf today to Midvalley.
Catch a movie at 7pm and got out from MV around 10pm.
When I was on my way, I nearly crash the divider and lucky I didn't. And if I did, we will fly down. Cause I was on the "highway".
Next, we went to have "dinner". My parking sux and I totally crashed my side and the window.
But it turned out fine with some scratches at the side.
After that I send them back.
On the way, while I was turning, I totally crashed over the divider and turned into another lane.
My God. There was even a car there, going to turn into that lane too. Luckly he "watched out" for me.
And after this few incidents, I'm having a really heavy phobia in driving.
But I'm still glad that God blessed me to not take someone's life or even lives away.
Sorry to those peeps who sat my car just now.
I'm taking my words really hard that I will not drive after 7pm until I can drift like a pro.
And I'm a few hours away till IELTS test !!
My heart is still trembling after that incident. And now even more for IELTS !!
I'm gona check on my car tomorrow cause I'm positively sure the scratches are really serious.
Nights ~

ps: really really sorry to those !!

Dec 10, 2008

It's finally here.
It's the sem break !!!~~
I couldn't wait to get home and rest since I'm having a slight dizzyness.
Finally, nice peace and rest..............

Ignore this post.

Dec 7, 2008

Twilight fever

Went to 1U just now with Karmen to catch a movie.
And again, once more, Twilight.
God ! This is the 2nd 'Titanic" kinda film for me. I could keep on watching and watching and watching.
I'm seriously in love with this show.
Gota get the DVD soon.
Oh yea... the song where Edward and Bella was dancing brought tears to me...sobs
Starting on my design final now. Hopefully I can finish it by tomorrow and tomorrow I can focus on illustrating it.
Finally, I've sorta finished my comp app's final project yesterday. I spent the whole day to redo it. So all i need now is to know what to do with the bg.
Then print it.
Next would be design final project which I think would take me 3 days to complete everything including the sketches.
1 more week !!
Then IELTS @.@
Then sem break !!
Well, not really... First day of the sem break is our replacement class since the last week actually have 2 days of public holiday.
yeap. This is TOA peeps.
Can't wait for the break !!!!!!!!!!

Dec 3, 2008

We finally finished our HOA&D on Monday's presentation.
I'm quite satisfied honestly... But the gradings and result might not be what I suppose.
We did a reinvention and also advertising project for our final.

Advertising product using Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Promoting Strepsils.

Reinvention for St. John the evangelist on Patmos by Titian. Showing environmental pollution.

Basically after that, I felt, as if a whole lot a burden has finally been lift off of me.
And that's when I started to slightly let my body relax.
It's totally the same thing that happened during last sem...when I was about to get on a plane.
I fell sick.
Shouldn't let my body relax so soon. I've got like 1 more week and I'm starting to go down.
Nooo !!!
Come on 1 more week !!! Gogogo ~!!

Dec 2, 2008

Finally watched Twilight yesterday !!!
I love it !!
It was so so romantic.
I shred a tear at the end.
God !!
I'm not satisfied... I want more of it !!!

ps: Robert Pattinson is so cool in it !