Mar 31, 2011

Updating ♥

I'm gonna try and update at least one post a day. Might be all just random craps. But I don't care. It's my area to do what I like.
Ok, I can't stand black, boring things that belong to me. I have to, no matter what way add some colors to it so...

Cute things ♥ Colors ♥

I love pink ! ♥ Hello Kitty ♥

Btw that's my luggage ↑ ♥

Food that I munch on ♥

Peppermint chocolate ♥

My Fav type of chocolate. Not the brand but Cadbury's ok la.

And if you add both together, what do you get ?

Not me.
But those on my freaking face. Pimples ! Damn you !
Oh and couple more addition pounds too ;)

If blogging is as easy as updating statuses, I'll be updating it so often.
Oh wait, there's twitter. That doesn't work either cause I don't update it as often too. Hahaha Crap.

Tata ~

Mar 30, 2011

New Beginning ♥

It's been a long long while since I updated this abandoned site. Actually there's nothing much to say, just for the boredom-ness of mine, and Sam Lee who asked me to update too.
I'm at Australia for a vacation. A long, long, LONG vacation. Haha !
I enjoy it here, but I miss home too. Everything of mine and what I know are back at home.
I miss my MomoChi... My friends, family, MomoChi... Cinema, MomoChi... ShiLin's fried chicken, MomoChi... Tiara, MomoChi.
But I can say the best thing I enjoy here is SHOPPING ! Especially the Season Clearance they have here ! The clothes are darn cheap ! Well, cheap as M'sia pasar malam I guess ? I'm not too sure cause I never shopped for clothes back home (no size T_T).
I'm basically living in my luggage now. Cause I'm afraid I over shopped and it won't fit, I put everything that needed to be in the luggage in it. Just to make sure =)
The weather here is like Katy Perry's- Hot n Cold.
And when it's cold, I get hungry easily. Not for the sick of munching, but tummy rumbling !
Urgh I think I'm getting fat again. What the heck pft.
I need to think about jobs later on after this long vacation. Not sure I want to jump back into my line or not.
Hmm... Ok, since I've got nothing to do, I'll make a list of what I'll do when I get back to M'sia.
Awesome ? Haha ! Not. It'll be a darn short list course I'm not sure what I'll do.

~ Cinema
~ Hang with the gang
~ ShiLin's Fried Chicken !
~ Plan a trip with the gang !

What else.... I'll update it if I think of any... And I'm stuck with nothing to update again.
Oh well, guess this will do ?
Oh wait, roll back the camera !
I was working as a trainee beautician for 4 months back then at One Utama. And resigned for this long vacation. The end. =)
At least that lengthen the post a lil la.