Jun 28, 2009


Feel sad for MJ that the truth of his is only spoken after his death.
Ppl judge too much without knowing the truth.
Ppl tend to tell stories. But they never tell the story behind the stories.
They stop telling how talented he is. They stop saying how influential he is.
They ignored how he influenced dance steps that are now seen and danced by everyone.
They stop judging his talents but start pointing fingers to his "personality"
They never report about the fact but just to ensure there is publicity.

R.I.P MJ...

Watched Transformers "II" today. And I have nothing to say except

Jun 18, 2009

Jun 15, 2009

I had my worst diarrhea today. Went about 7 times since 6am.
My stomach started to cramp at 5am and I was really in pain. Couldn't sleep or even nap since then.
Now I know what pain till puke means.
Arghh... The pain is still here with me. On off.
Sighs... so sleepy. Just now slept another 2 more hours.
Sighs.... I want sims 3 !! Gona get it tomorrow at ss2 I guess~
Ehehe can't wait......

Jun 10, 2009

No influence no explanation.

Sigh. I hope one day you will realize. The fact.
Not everyone will treat you the way you treat them.
Not everyone will treat you the way you WANT them to treat you.
Not everyone will see the same point of view as you.
When you are wrong doesn't mean we're right.
When you are right doesn't mean we're wrong.

The way you treat us doesn't mean you'll treat everyone the same.
The way we treat you doesn't mean we treat everyone the same too.
What does it mean ? Please go and think about it properly.
If one is treating you badly, that's prejudice. If more than that means there's a problem.
If you think you're right doesn't mean we think we're wrong.

If that is true friendship, no matter what others say, the friendship will still remain.
I hope everyone that has friends will realize that even the CLOSES, BEST-EST friends too, have LIMITS.
Everyone has limits.
We are your friend. NOT your husband.
We have our own lives. There's no need for explanation.
We are not bound to serve you 24/7.
We are not a "spare float".

I've already let it go.
So this is the last time...

And once again, I feel I've done nothing wrong even if others think I did.
Like one of my friend said to me,
"If your heart feels easy then it's ok for you. -你觉得过得自己的良心就好“
If you feel that you did nothing wrong, then you shouldn't apologize.
I know you did it because you don't want to ruin the friendship. But what's the point of saying sorry if you don't think you should be ?

If you think I should have said so but I didn't, then that just proves that I'm not a true friend. So why should you consider me as a friend ?
Haha, you are too kind I guess.

I'm sorry for making you feel you should say sorry.
Because that incident meant nothing to me. I did not feel hurt nor ignored- nothing and anything.
It was a small matter to me. It was not at all, an emergency.
If you think I should be by your side and abandon, ignore my life, sorry you'll just have to lose me as a friend.
As I say, there's limits in everything.
I've DONE what I COULD to HELP.

Jun 3, 2009


Muahaha~ Just got my items and started bling-ing straight away.
~~~ ^^~~~