Nov 27, 2009

Just came back from OU from watching New Moon !!
Finally after the long wait.
But then..........the ending made me unsatisfied !! NooooOOoo !!
Why did it stopped there ??? Argh !! Make me look forward even more to the next chapter !
Argh !!
Yesterday went out to Sunway.P with Lilian, Mei Lin and Choryi.
They brought me my work and my belated bday gift.
Shipped from US via glass bottle in the sea. So it took 6 months later only to reach me.
Love the gift ! ♥

Nov 10, 2009


I had this really crazy nightmare...
I was at a parking lot...and all of a sudden there were 5 "guys" (technically they are male but weird looking...not sure were they even human..) around me and they were finding for some kinda "creature".
Don't know why I was involve so I went hunting with them. In the parking lot ==
We caught a few the creature. Cute lil creatures.
And the next thing I know I was looking into a room. And those 5 guys were fighting for only the dream knows what reason.
They each took out their knives and swords and whatsoever and start stabbing each other !
I was totally freaked out !
It was so scary that the next thing they wanted was me !
I try to shut the door but it was impossible with 5 guys on the other side.
So I ran for my life ! I ran and ran and ran and kept shouting for help but there's no one there to save me...
And I woke up at 3am+...
Couldn't get back to sleep...
That's the worst nightmare I ever had...

Nov 9, 2009

Ahem !

Yesterday went to OU with Karmen, Jo and her sibs... We ate lunch then I cabut-ted with Karmen to do some small shopping awhile.
Then went back to Jo. Later ate McD for dinner then went home.

Well that was the short story la.
The long story is after having our lunch, Jo went to "Highstreet" ? to wait. Her main purpose is to see S.H.E !
Haha they were the spokesman of Osim UKimono.
When we got there, there are S.H.E fans already waiting in line.
She was wandering about, so me and Karmen went to do the small shopping. After we got back, she was still wandering around ==
Asked her, didn't tell... So we wander with her XD
Then later on only we knew that in order to get S.H.E signature, she have to have some sorta item from Osim or S.H.E booklet. Or something like that...
Then she went and find but obviously out of stock ==
But luckly for her, the event do sell it. But at a certain time with limited amount I guess.
So we waited for the time for them to make it open for sale.
In the meantime, her sibs went and catch a movie. So it was me, her and Karmen.
Finally it was time, she bought it then she went and queue up.
Karmen left awhile later when another friend of Jo came.
*Cut short*
Finally S.H.E arrived. And for that particular moment...I felt that I wasn't tall at all...
Everyone was tip toe-ing, even climbing up that steel thing they put for the queue line.
And then.......we went to eat our dinner and left.

Jo is so damn happy I think she couldn't sleep !

At last something to update on this site ! ==