Jul 31, 2008

Im doing figure assignments now.
Before that, I went and have dinner with Mrs.
Ok. Since no one will keep me up, motivate me to finish figures, might as well get something to help me.
And I got this.

What is this ? Ehehe ~
Take a peek...

1 for me, half for MomoChi.
1 for me, half for BabyT.
1 for me, and none for them.

And yes. I'm evil.
But she's so so kawaii it's so tempting.

Ok, here it goes


*chichi will say I'm evil...haha~*

Jul 30, 2008

Space painter
Go check it out.
0.o so random yet so remarkable.
Oh man. If only I can do some work like that nice.

And yea, updates on....
-Malaysian Studies test tomorrow !
-Figure test on Friday 1/8/08
-SS essay due on Monday 4/8/08
-English test on Tuesday 5/8/08
-Design sketch due on Thursday 7/8/08
-Design final project due on the last week. [which is a week later from the sketch due date.]
-Drawing test on the last week.

=) It's sem-break I'm talking about.
I know about this since the exploration week.
It is expected.
Let's get tortured ~!!

ps: I've not even studied for the MS test !! Dang

Somaly Mam

The unknown part of the world...
Such sad thing to know there's people like them...

Jul 29, 2008

Friends come friends go.
All of them, flows.
Is it true ? None will remain.
And those that remain, are they the same ?
A question for all, for those who cares.
Are they soul friends ?
Or are they just, friends ?
Soul friends for life, that's what you say.
But you're the first, to drift away.
Never change, in anyway.
But you've changed, in everyway.
You once brought laughter, when we were together.
But now is just emptiness, when you're with other.
Is it true, that you're far ahead ?
Or is it us, dangling there.
Hopes from us, is to change no more.
This soul friendship, is precious for all.
I hope you'll know, we're by your side.
No matter what, we'll stay beside...

 I hope you're happy with what you have,
I hope you're happy with what you had.
I hope you're happy with what you feel,
I hope you feel true happiness, do you ?

Jul 28, 2008

I hurt my finger during design class. Hilarious. 

I came back and noticed my uncle came back from Aussie because the table was full with bags of chocolate.
I went upstair and ate my dinner.
I went to take a nap.
I woke up at 8pm.
I noticed there was 2 chocolates infront of my computer. [I think my grandma took it up cause I think I heard her calling me somehow.]

I went downstair to make a hot, and i really mean HOT bowl of oatmeal with bovril in it just to ease my aching stomache.
I went to the toilet 3 times.
I took a bottle of "boh zai yun".
I still feel the urge to go.
I'm so depressed.
I dislike being sick.
I most dislike to have an upset stomache....
You think it's funny ? Try having an upset stomache with 2 chocolate bars infront of you !
I hope I'll be able to go college tomorrow.
2 more weeks and its HoLiDaY ~~!

Jul 27, 2008

The line really sucks.
I'm not sure why but the line isn't suppose to connect cause it says so but it is connected.
I' sure the line that I'm using now isn't the original line case the original line is so much better than now.
I went back home on the Friday and just came back here today.
I woke up at 9am this morning by my aching stomache.
I went to the toilet 3 times since this morning till now.
We call it... Diarrhoea.
I'm not sure I'll be able to go to college tomorrow or not.
My msn isn't signing in. Don't know why.
Mac is giving me a little bitty headache.
Arghh. I've got no idea what to do with design.
I've not draw my dang drawing 1.
I've got 3 figures to draw and its figure test this Friday.
This is so suckish.
GrRrrr !!
I want my line back !!!
I just got PVA glue on my keyboard.
I just noticed that I sorta brought back a empty CD case of Jay Chou from home.
At least I brought another Jay Chou CD along and such pleasing songs of his... smoothes everything down =)
I still want to sign in MSN !!! GrRRr !!!

Jul 25, 2008

Dang it... 
She is too much.
Really dang it. Now I have to save RM300 to get another 1.
Dang her.

Jul 24, 2008

I'm currently so into this song. I need to DL it !!
But I can't... So sad =(

I've not even finish my figures... Dang !! 1 more to go... And I'm dozing off... HeLp !!~
Try and you'll be satisfy...

It's another day with new happenings =)

Jul 23, 2008

Everyone needs a loving hand.

arashi might be the one to read this 1st =)
and the line still sux...

Jul 22, 2008

Meaningful behind the meaningless

I seriously, just punking around with the mac cam.
And yeah, I finally got my ring.
Thx Mr and Mrs ^^

I wore the shirt and got the ring. Overall a nice day except...
the line sux...

Jul 21, 2008

This is what I would like to do...

Just last Saturday, I went to OU with Mrs and we stumble upon tiny charity booth.
It was the same place where Mrs got the t-shirt and bag for Kitty few months ago which was for the SPCA.This time, it was a different organization. It was for spastic children.
T-shirts with a few designs were out for sale in order to raise funds by Tropicana Life. They were one of the company that supported that charity.
From what we found out, the designs were actually a competition design. Hmm... cool eh LoL
And due to the nice designs and was for charity, Mrs bought 2 of it.
1 for me 1 for Kitty.

Lovely as I know I really like it =)
I like it so much that I'll wear it tomorrow.

Jul 20, 2008

Lonely heart for the lonely people.

Jul 19, 2008

The reborn of Missy Nini ~

It says it all. 

Jul 18, 2008

ilegal gathering. Kononnya...

The prank.

The real cake.

Arm wrestle between Shamiko and Yohji.
Guess who won ? =)
Girl rox.

Hot chiq.

Happy Birthday ghost ~!!

Got back my drawing sketchbook on Wednesday, which was drawing exam day.
I was so tired that day, I went home without even looking at my sketchbook.
I went to sleep around 11pm+ and while I was dozing off, I suddenly woke up.
Took my sketchbook and flip it open.
Since when they checked it they sorta laughed at it, so I was thinking they'll give me a BIG RED cross[X] or so ?

What I drew that got laughed at I guess.

I got STARS for BOTH ![is that a good or bad thing ?]
[is it to mark me a death note ? 0.o]

And finally, a B- at least.
Not really proud or happy bout it.
I'm just glad that there's improvement =)


Jul 16, 2008

Persuasion is hard pt2

"I want a MAC..."
"Talk to you tomorrow la."
"................................. Why not a MAC ?"
"Because la."