May 29, 2009

Today during class, we were all getting ready to start. Then suddenly we were told by our classmates to go 2nd floor. Me, without knowing why, kept asking and getting no answers unfortunately. So I went with the flow.
Went down and I heard a classmate talking about the second level course and I thought that we're gona have a lecture about it.
Later on my friend told me to follow her to the back course she say got something to ask me privately. I went and she asked some stuffs.
Later I kinda had a clue what was happening. Haha
Then I went out walking walking and suddenly....
"Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to -----~
Happy Birthday to you~"
LoL with a cake la.
Super paiseh leh that time. Don't know what reaction to give course was really shock actually even I sorta got the clue.
I did not have the cake la. Course its chocolate cake. I'm "sensitive" to it.
Hehe then later had a lil facial massage~ Nice day XD

Leng2 class teacher~

May 26, 2009

Recently (this month) I "discovered" the Online Shopping.
I bought many things. Things that I wanted and mostly needed la.
Once I got it, I feel the tickling sensation of fulfillment and happiness~
Just by opening up the packages, waiting for the moment to use em'. It's a total indulgence.
Since I rarely go out to shop anymore, I started shopping at home. I keep checking out the forum, updates and being active in it. Like nobodies buisness, I post here and there enquiringly this and that. And the shopaholic me comes out.
It was many small amounts of purchases I made. Leading me to...
Over budget -.-
Just to keep myself in mind, I shall not shop for accessories or unnecessary things for the following month until I replenish my budget.
So, I still have 5 more days to shop~
Buahahahaha !!! (actually I'm totally broke. shop what la....!)

May 23, 2009

Ok this is really freaky.
Somebody, or something, just reloaded my hp RM30.
It says, From ONECT DS001-B2514.
What is that ??
This is really freaky...

May 17, 2009


"Zzzzzzzapppp ............~"

May 15, 2009



May 9, 2009

Oh God................ the weather is killing me ! It's so freaking hot that make me sweat like crap.
Argh ! Everyday I wake up with a headache that last for the whole freaking day cause of the weather !
Every night I go to sleep with a headache because of the weather !
Even the aircond feels warm !
Argh ! Global warming is seriously getting serious !
Sometimes I feel [actually I know] that life is unfair. It really is.
Recently been talking to someone that brings back a whole lots of memories. Sweet, sour and bitter.
And then, I feel that life is fair. But then, I feel that life is unfair. And till now.....
Somehow I know the "truth" about "life" so I know what is "right" and what is "wrong".
But seems like there's somethings that the world stays in the "middle, grey" part.
I'm getting myself confuse with all the questions that once upon a time I asked myself and gave an answer. Yet, I'm asking myself again....
I don't think I know myself at all.
Sometimes, I like those cute adorable things like accessories. But then a moment later, I feel that I like to get more classy types. Which is me ? Which am I ?
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Lost.
Sometimes I like the day. But then when it comes to the next day, I wanted the night to last !
Sometimes I like to stay at home. But then when I'm at home I really want to get out and shop !
So am I in the left, right, or the middle ? Am I going to turn or do I keep straight ?
Life is filled with doubts.
OKok....the main thing is... I have not found myself in this 19 years. I've just begun.
Lots of questions that made me rebellious. Lots of answers that doesn't seem to answer.
Sighs... Life goes on...

May 6, 2009

Save em !

May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Cheng ~!!

Today after my class, I went to get lunch. I was thinking what to get then I thought of my two sweet PuiPui at home. And soooo.... I got KFC. It was lunch time and there wasn't any parking space at ss2. So I drove to Atria since I need to go search for basket for my class too.
I went to Atria and lucky enough, found a parking spot. Went to Giant and they have varieties of baskets. But not the one that I need.
Then I went up to the houseware sales for the first time. And I found quite some stuffs that I like. And I bought. There were also varieties of baskets but NOT mine. Argh !
Went to get KFC then went to Sunlik. Found some baskets but still...... Grrr... It was almost 4pm and I've not eaten my lunch and also breakfast. I was really hungry at that time. And also tired cause the weather was really hot ! Gosh !
Then I went all the way back to Paramount's Giant to find since it's quite big. And they have houseware items on the second floor. But still............ sighs....
I went around and round and stop at a shop that sells almost every houseware items.
That place was so packed that I couldn't even move in too far. So I ask the uncle and he said "No we don't sell that." =X
I gave up and thought that my only hope was PM.
Got home around 4.30pm... Ate and feed the 2 PuiPui's. Watch a lil tv. Then.... headache.
I knew it ! Whenever I stay out/under the sun too long I'll always get headaches. Oh well....
Clean my room a lil then take bath and got ready for the event. XD
Went to WongKok.

Voon, MayYan, Ann, Cheng, YingKee, ChinKien, Jo, Karmen, Jackie.

Happy Sweet Birthday my dear Cheng ~!!
With lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses and misses !~